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New to scouting

If you are new to scouting please ensure you review the checklist and submit all required information and forms

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Returning Scout

 If you are a return scout to pack 3944 please ensure you review the checklist and update any missing information


Adult Leader

 Adult leaders / Den Leaders 

 Adult Leaders, don't forget to fill out and submit your BSA Adult Leader Checklist 

Fall Hike


The Silver Pagodas

 The Silver Pagodas are a set of five large pagodas that sit on a temple site that dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD). The pagodas were built in the 1400’s, and below each of the pagodas are the interred remains of an important monk. 

The silver bells of the pagodas used to ring in the breeze, and are the source of the name of this peaceful spot. The foundations of the temples remain, but the structures of the temples are long gone, burned during war. 

Raingutter Regatta



The Rain Gutter Regatta is a boat race that is designed to be a den and/or parent-scout project. Please feel free to give guidance and minimal assistance to your Scout as he/she builds his/her Rain Gutter Regatta boat, appropriate to their age. These guidelines are written to help you keep it simple and fun for your scout, and to know what to expect when it comes time to race his boat.

Regatta's made from Recycled material

· Boats must be made from materials that would normally be tossed in the trash or recycled. Electric motors or pre-made boat parts, nor any other form of propulsion besides the sail or blowing air on it is allowed. 

Regatta specs

 Total Boat Length: No longer than 7" (17.78 cm). The boat body CANNOT be wider than 3-1/2"(8.89 cm). The boat must remain a single hull boat. Multi-hull catamarans and boats with stabilizing out-riggers are not allowed. Any boat not meeting these requirements will be disqualified and not be allowed to enter the race 

Nerf Wars



The Nerf Wars is a fun way for the cubs to burn a lot of energy while having a ton of fun.  We will have separate areas for the younger scouts (Lions and Tigers) to play  and the older scouts (Wolfs to AoL's) to play.

Different game types will be played from elimination and capture the flag  Team work will be needed to win most rounds, so scouts will have a chance to work together to overcome the other team.  

Best of all, it will be a ton of fun and a great way to run, jump, and crawl (burn energy).  

Nerf darts and rival balls will be provided during game play so do not bring your own darts.  

Scout Uniform Order Form


Use the link below to access the uniform order form.  Fill out a copy and provide to your Den Leader or directly to the Quartermaster.   

 ** In an effort to go green **

Please note that we will not order new scout handbooks, we have free copies available for download within the leaders corner.  Please download your digital copy.

However, we do have some hard copies on hand for sale, but these will be sold at a first come basis until existing supplies run out.